Housing Crash? Where does NWI stand compared to the rest of the Country | Realest

Dated: April 17 2020

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With all the noise out there, How do you know what to beleive is true and what isnt?

i want to thank Fox9 News for this video i used. I wanted to highland a video on whats going on in the real estate work in general. Not just locally but across the board too.

What i realized is there is a lot of similarities in this video and whats going on in our market as well.

Ive done some statistics for one market for now. For example if you watch the second video - youll see how crown point Indiana compares.

Heres whats going on in Crown Point, Indiana in March 2020 You can see how the numbers are compared to last year and last month.

Please dont hesistate to call ME if you have any questions at all

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